Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mesquite Dunes

Mesquite Dunes, Stovepiple Wells, Death Valley

Spent yesterday afternoon hiking through the Mesquite Dunes near Stovepipe Wells. Being Sunday there were footprints everywhere - had to walk a minimum on=f oien mile into the dunes to find some pristine sand.

For the past few days the light has been rather boring with virtually no color and Sunday was pretty much the same - a complete turn-a-round from my last time in Death Valley. This is all part of it - sometimes it all works and others times there is nothing happening at all. It is days like this that you try and work a bit harder to find something worth capturing.

At any rate as I was walking back to the car at sunset I noticed the image above - kind of summed up my Sunday.

Today we, Michael, Tom, David, Teri Lou and myself,  started the day ion Mesquite Canyon near Stovepipe. After lunch we trekked the 72 miles up to Racetrack Playa and shot until Sunset. Did I mention the 28 miles of bad road to get there......good thing we rented 4 wheel drive Jeeps....More on the racetrack adventure tomorrow.

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