Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach, Florida
 Still on the subject of water.

I drove down to the everglades about 18 months ago and met up with my friend Doug Eng in Jacksonville. Together we toured the east coast of Florida ending up on Jupiter Beach one morning at sunrise.

Well, it was quite the sunrise that morning with the water pounding the shore - the waves were jumping as high as 5-6 feet. I was entranced by the continually moving water and captured maybe 200 images that morning - mostly at a shutter speed of 2-3 seconds.

Jupiter Beach, Florida
I really liked the surreal feel that the water takes on when it is allowed to circle back on itself due to the long exposure - more or less allowing the sea to make a statement on its own. So much to see inside this image.

I converted top black and white above. 

Captured with a phase one P65+ on a Mamiya 645DF using a 75-150MM lens.


  1. Amazing experience, captured perfectly to convey the emotion of the moment. Well done Sharpie!