Monday, March 7, 2011

Rhyolite 2

Rhyolite Merchantile, Rhyolite, Nevada

Seems like I did not give enough info on yesterday's image of the ghostly bike rider. It is a sculpture that sits as you enter the ghost town, Rhyolite, on the Nevada-California border near the town of Beatty Junction, California.

According to Wikipedia Rhyolite was started in 1905 as a mining camp. They had electric lights, water, newspapers, a hospital, school and opera house. They even had a stock exchange.

There are a few sculptures at Rhyolite similar to the one posted yesterday. THey are the work of artist Albert  Szukalski. The most famous is called "the Last Supper on Golden Street' and stands at the Golden Open Air Museum which one passes as they enter Rhyolite.  Hoping to get back to Rhyolite one more time before leaving on Wednesday.

Today's post is what is left of the Rhyolite Mercantile Building at first glance appears to have been moved from a different location.


  1. One of my favorite buildings in Rhyolite. You didn't steer us wrong! Some of my best shots were in Rhyolite. Love your ghost images and the mercantile. Thanks for the heads up Harry. Too bad we missed you by a couple of days.

  2. Thanks Ellen - I am going back there in the AM....trying to catch sunrise this time...bad light mostly this week - how was it when you were here...