Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shelter Island

Shelter Island
Today's image has been around for quite some time. First captured n 1994, worked and re-worked numerous times in black and white, sepia and even grunge. I have used borders, rough painted borders, uneven borders and probably a few other that I can not remember. It just seems to stick around waiting for me to figure out what it was and where to use it.

Don't get me wrong - I do not see a a final print when capturing an image - I am just attracted to some form and light that gets me excited to push the release. There are images that have been around for 20 or more years that I am just starting to relate to. 

At any rate this image has become a mainstay of a series I have been working on for quite some time - the 'Childhood and other Neighborhoods' series which may finally get done this year for a show in October.

Captured with a Pentax 67, Tri-X 400 speed film and brought into the digital world using an Imacon/Hasselblad Scanner...

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