Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All You Need is Love

Yesterday was an amazing day for weather in London - Sunny and quite warm - today it is gray and pouring rain -the luck of the draw....

While walking around London last night I spotted this balloon down a small alley, and, of course, headed off in that direction. It turned out to hanging over Carnaby Street, something that immediately brought to mind the Beatles and 60's. How right they were all those years ago. 

The street was buzzing with activity - this was London on a bank holiday and at 7PM at night everyone was still shopping - certainly does hurt that Carnaby Street is right off of Regent Street and just a short hop from Piccadilly - 

The more I use the iphone the more I enjoy the instant gratification of the image. It frees you from the usual technical concerns  and a certain immediacy to capture the moment in a very stripped down honest way.

Oddly enough today we are on the way to the National Portrait Gallery to see "From The Beatles to Bowie - the 60's Exposed". 

"There is nothing you can do that can't be done"..........


  1. "There is nothing you can sing that cant be sung"

    I believe they were right, and great work Harry, I hope you follow that iphone where ever it takes you....

  2. What a great image Harry!
    Nice capture! From the heart!

  3. Love the synchronicity! Please keep blogging. Lil