Monday, December 28, 2009


Finally made it London this morning - albeit 2 hours late - but that seems to be the norm when traveling overseas due to the recent issues in Detroit.

I did get to watch the last hour of Julie and Julia on the plane and I must say it was a very inspiring film - Julie went through what I am experiencing the past year or so trying to actually do what you love - the emotional up and down roller coaster ride resonates for me.

Still keeping with the iphone theme today (works great out of car windows) here are two photos from the ride from Heathrow to central London. One is The Tower of London and the other popped up outside my car window at a stop light. I rode in the front seat to shoot but also to get the feel of driving over here which starts for me in Glasgow in three days. And, yes, we took all the insurance on the rental car.

Image re-construction equals iphone...


  1. Love them both Harry!, and yes the roller coaster ride is familiar to me as happy you are doing what you love!

  2. Hello Harry - thank you for your comments on NING regarding my iphone pictures. This is all new to me (well, December 1st) and i am loving how the iphone helps my creative "genius". I just have to figure out what to do with the images. I have started to mix them with others in my database to achieve some really magnificent pictures.

    The thing that get me is that for a buck ninety nine or so I can get an app that lets me process an image in a number of exciting ways. I think I have abut $20.00 worth of apps on my iphone screen and I can process no matter where i am. It is so wonderful. When i go back to the computer and all my files and plug ins, everything seems so cumbersome and time consuming!
    I wonder if these apps will take over the intense and very costly plug-ins? I wish I could upload my Nikon/Sony images to the iphone to process! :-)
    Lucky you that you have become a friend with Jerry Uelsmann - he is indeed one of my heros.
    Cheers - your work is just wonderful. Congratulations on pushing your creativity!