Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Who

Pete Townsend, The Who, Madison Square Garden, circa 1976.

For me this particular image was always a reminder of the great shows in the 70's - there were shows every night at some venue in and around New York City -  a fabulous time for music - not sure that can ever happen again.


  1. Love the color and energy in this shot Harry. Those were great years for music, and I not know if it can ever happen again. How fortunate we are to have been around as it was unfolding. Peace

  2. Wow Harry, that's an amazing image. I never experienced that music scene, so it's hard for me to imagine what it was like....but your photo gives me some sense of it. I suppose I should listen to the music while looking at this photo to get both the visual and audible sensations.


  3. Gary:

    Was quite the time in music business where I worked for almost 40 years. New records every week - lots of record release parties to go to - but now like all corporate situations the life has been sucked from the industry.