Sunday, December 20, 2009

iPhone Photography

A bit of a side track from the usual post today - the iPhone. The two posted images were shot and processed with the iPhone camera and post-processed on iPhone applications. The are numerous third party applications available for the iPhone and they are becoming increasingly more adept at post processing images without the loss of resolution, not to mention the ability to stitch panorama images seamlessly.

Dan Burkholder is a huge proponent of this technology and has said. ''the iPhone is a powerful creative tool for creating art, right in our palms - we have the camera and darkroom in our shirt pocket'. Check out Dan's website as he is teaching iPhone artistry at various workshops both at his Catskill Studio and other locations.

The other photographer who comes to mind is Chris Alvanaswho I met last week in Maine when we both attended the Fine Digital Print Expert class with John Paul Caponigro. Chris is the Director of Photography at Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University's  Washington DC Campus.

There are links to both Dan and Chris on this blog.

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