Friday, December 18, 2009

Fire Island - July 4th

Not much to say about this image other then it is July 4th on Fire Island. Every year  the local children put together floats and costumes to parade around Ocean Beach for the day - one of the early highlights of the summer season for the kids. This is the judge's area where they award ribbons to the best costume, float, etc....

There are no cars allowed on Fire Island - it is only accessible by Ferry from the mainland.

This image is part of  the Childhood Dreams sequence and will be posted on my website, sometime in the New Year. .


  1. I really like this one allot Harry, it has a warm vintage feel about it. what year did it find you?

  2. somewhere around 1994 - hard to remember as we spent our summers on Fire Island - safe for kids.

  3. Summers and kids, ahh the memories.......:o) Great news about the website, I look forward to seeing it as well as more of the Childhood Dreams sequence you mention.