Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Howard Stein

OK, another one from the past, Howard Stein.

This was shot at the Academy of Music in New York, circa mid seventies. For the longest time he promoted Rock and Roll shows at The Academy of Music on east 14th street. At one point in time it was actually called Howard Stein's Academy of Music.

Finding this image brings back so many memories of the Academy of Music - the Frank Zappa Halloween shows, Frampton's Camel, Genesis when they did 'The Lamb Lies Down of Broadway with Peter Gabriel and on and on.

Howard also promoted at Carnegie Hall, did the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden, Janis Joplin shows, Jame Taylor, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Cat Stevens to name a just a few. In particular I remember him promoting the Who at Madison Square Garden in 1975....He also started the nightclub Xenon around 1978.

I first met Howard when I used to hang at the Academy of Music and photograph from the pit night after night. There were different rules back then and you could actually shoot the entire show, never leaving the pit except for the rest rooms.

Howard passed away last year so for me this is a fitting tribute to a man I knew and respected during those hectic early years. He gave back more then he took and for me that is the true mark of a man......


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Howard Stein...

    Those were some of the best years of rock and roll, thanks for sharing this...

    Well said my friend...

  2. Harry, do you mind if I post this on the website we created for Capitol crew to talk to each other? Lots of them worked for Howard before John. I will give you credit.