Saturday, May 22, 2010


I was browsing through my library today looking for something to post when I saw these two images. I have always considered them outtakes at first but something keeps making me return for another look.

Today, after some post processing, I decided to put them on the blog and get some feedback.

There is surely some unconscious reasoning that keeps attracting me to religious imagery. For years I have stopped to capture images of churches, crosses, graveyards and side-of-the-road tributes to lost souls.

Maybe it has something to with disappearing America - those simple ideals that have been lost forever like a classic piece of architecture being torn down or the local mom and pop business that needs to close and make way for progress.

Maybe writing this will help me understand why I make these images.

Both of these are from route 17 that runs from Virginia down into Florida - the Route 66 of the east coast....The BBQ shot in the header is also from Route 17.

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  1. We do not always know why we are drawn to the art that we create. It is only when we take the time to look back down that long road that we begin to get a better understanding...not only of our own art...but of ourselves as well.

    These images are a soulful glimpse into the hope for something better...while watching the sad disappearance of the classic beauty of times gone by.

    There are untold stories here, your images keep the story alive while adding a bit of yours along the way...a connection of sorts.

    Within your eloquent tribute to the things that you find yourself drawn to time and will find yourself, and what means the most to you.

    Great job by the way...