Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Todd Rundgren

I posted an image of Todd Rundgren several weeks ago that garnered several response from his various fan clubs and online blogs.

In particular props go out to Keith Milne who noted that the guitar Todd played in that image was the same one Eric Clapton used in Cream. As Keith mentions this guitar is a double cutaway Gibson SG.

Keith's reply is below:

'Here is a bit of trivia I see in that photograph -

The Gibson SG Todd is playing is the very same painted guitar that belonged to Eric Clapton from the Cream days. It is a VERY famous instrument and many replicas have been made of it. I can also tell by the color of his hair that this was probably taken around 1978 when the album "Todd" was released. The paper album liner has a photograph of Todd created from names of people who responded on a postcard included in the previous album "A Wizard, A True Star". Of course, my name appears on that liner. :)'

Hence the second Todd image today from the same outdoor concert in Central Park, New York City. This image is a reproduction from an existing print that I photographed this morning.

I really love the way music connects people even after so many years..........'confluence' comes to mind...


  1. I love the magic of music as well...the common threads we find sometimes lead us to the most amazing places...

    Love this reproduction...great image Harry

  2. The "Todd" album came out in 1974.

  3. love when todd looked like this. so unassuming.