Monday, May 17, 2010

Cape Cod

Silver Beach - just after sunrise 

Just back from three days in Cape Cod - Woods Hole - Falmouth area of the cape.

I was lucky enough to have two good friends, Debbie and Dennis, to show me around - more like driving Mr Daisy if you ask me. Debbie is a painter and Dennis is a photographer (both excellent at their craft), and, I got the benefit of their two years on the Cape as they knew every nook and cranny on the island. Apparently, and certainly not something I was aware of before this weekend, the state of Massachusetts is a strong advocate of public access - therefore I was able to see some magnificent natural beaches and wooded areas. Not to mention being able to make a few decent photographs along the way.

Short post today - just installed Snow Leopard and having so many issues - thinking about going back to 10.5.8 - nothing works and crashes everywhere...


  1. This is such a beautiful shot Harry...very peaceful. So cool that you got this guided tour. Thanks so much for posting...seeing your work is something I look forward to...and always brings beauty to my day!

    insert my favorite Minor White quote here :o)

  2. Love the tones and composition, Harry!!!