Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quissett Harbor

Last Saturday in Cape Cod we were rushing out to Quissett Harbor to capture the sunset. As we were running late the plan was to park and rush out to the beach ( a short hike) to get set up. The sky had the most fabulous clouds and our hopes for sunset were elevated.  However, on arrival at the parking area, the boats in the harbor were hard to pass up with the reflections from the cloudy blue sky reflecting in the still water.

The capture above is one of the boat images...

PS: We did manage to get out in time for the sunset and it was as expected. Sunset images another day.


  1. This is amazing, I love it...

    looking forward to the sunset as well...

  2. Hey Harry - your Quissett boat floats on the clouds whilst mine sinks beneath them. half empty or half full?

  3. This is beautiful Harry.
    Looks like a painting to me!

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  5. you have created a playground for the eyes....