Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun Studio

Sun Studio, Memphis, TN

Need to get out of dodge quickly this morning to start my trip to Indiana. Was cruising the archive looking for a post and this image popped up - being an Indiana type image surely this must have been someone other then me...

The shot is from the 'No Better Than This' recording session Mr. Mellencamp did at Sun Studio in Memphis.   I actually kicked myself a few times for using the Lens-Baby on this image but at the time I was really into that lens. I still use the lens but hindsight told me this should have been straight up big boy camera - one of those moments in time to look back on. On the other hand I have the image and just maybe that is alll that matters, 

That is Andy York, longtime Mellencamp guitarist on the left, Mr. Mellencamp on the right and T-Bone Burnett in the center. Was quite a thrill to watch a session at Sun....if the walls could talk...

Captured with a Canon 5DMKII and the Lens-baby Composer

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  1. Terrific application and use of the LB on this.