Sunday, May 22, 2011

Abandoned Hospital

Electrical, Central State Asylum
Long week finally coming to an end. The gallery opening went very well. Renaissance Fine Art and Design has a new location in Carmel on the corner of Range Line Road and Main Street. The new space has very large windows making it easy to see what is currently on display, and, being on the corner makes it hard to miss from 4 directions. Congratulations to Kathleen  on the move.

The Apple Store Music and iPhone Presentation could not have gone better.  It was the first time for me using the iPad2 and it worked perfectly. I was able to work on the iPad and see it on a screen, in this case a very large apple monitor. The only thing missing was the ability to watch the stylus actually touching the screen but a win win as one no longer needs to use a projector.  The personnel at the Apple Store could not have been more helpful.

After the Apple Store a friend took a few of us to the Indianapolis Hospital for the Insane, Central State. This hospital was originally established in 1827 and opened its doors in 1848. The hospital has been abandoned since 1994. I could have spent a few days on this location and do plan to return next time in Indianapolis - so many stories in these old walls.....More images coming...

Image captured using an Alpa Camera, 47MM Schneider lens and a Phase One P65+ medium format digital back.


  1. Harry, thanks for a wonderful overview of your work at the Apple store on Saturday. I was so inspired that I was up most of Saturday night taking pix and processing them on my iPad so I look forward to your return to Indy in September.

    My schizophrenic cousin was a ward at Central State from the mid-70s until it closed. Now in his mid-50s he is living in a group home in Indy. Although it seems odd, he was quite happy there and had a hard time adjusting after it closed.

  2. Great image Harry. Sorry I missed you last weekend in Carmel, my schedule was a mess.

    Pretty cool the way you are sharing all of your talent!