Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prime Lens

Carousel Horse, Coney Island
 So I was renting gear at Foto Care a few weeks ago and Brian (rental department) said I should try the Zeiss 105MM macro F2 prime lens. Other then my 85MM Canon, which I really like, I have not had many prime lens since my old film and Nikon F days. And for that matter was not using my 85MM that much since acquiring a high resolution medium format camera.

Not being a tech type I have to say how pleasantly surprised I was at how sharp the lens was at the larger f-stops. Aside from the sharpness it was quite revealing to see how this lens handled sharpness and tonality in the out of focus areas - add that to the handling of the color in these areas and it is a new ballgame. Not really understanding the technical part of why this happens I  go by the results, which in this case are hard to ignore.

Today's image was captured with the Zeiss F2 105MM macro lens on a Canon 5DMKII. What you lose with this lens is the ability to auto-focus - if you happen to be a Canon shooter there is the 135MM which will auto-focus as well as several other choices in prime lenses made by Canon.

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  1. Well Harry it's very difficult to ignore the man behind the curtain when you get results like this. Like you I am not technical, I simply know what I like. You sir are correct, but then again you don't need my opinion. :)

    Thanks for sharing your passion and pioneering things. In some ways you are Moses with a camera and an iPhone.