Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today I met a friend, who I had worked with for years in Los Angeles, for lunch in Topanga Canyon. Having spent a good deal of time in Los Angles over the last 8 years, I had never been to Topanga Canyon - turns out it is a great place to get away from the normal LA lifestyle - old, quaint, mixture of 60's and modern. Reminded me of northern California, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

After lunch we went over to her house to look at her husbands artwork - I had always known him as a writer, and then one day I started seeing paintings coming out of his garage studio. The work was very diverse and fit perfectly with his literary style. I would describe his paintings as a combination of abstract expressionist meets the beat generation....

Seeing his work gave me the courage to post one of my painting on today's blog...

This painting above is from my days working at the Big Apple Circus, circa 1985.


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