Saturday, February 6, 2010

Window Seat

A few weeks ago I traveled to Toronto in a propeller airplane (Porter Air - great airline out of Newark). I was fooling around with my iphone shooting out my window when I made the image above. It was totally captured and processed using the iphone.

Porter Air lands in Toronto on an island in downtown Toronto. In order to get to Toronto you take a ferry shuttle about 200 yards to the mainland. The second image below was made on the ferry - totally captured and process in the iphone. 

This was not a shameless plug for Porter Air, but, if you happen to be flying to Toronto I would advise at least checking with them. There are no lines at Newark to clear security and virtually no waiting at immigration once landing in Toronto - you can check your cameras as you board the plane and they have them waiting as you leave the aircraft. Did I mention the really great service. 
I would be remiss if I did not credit Julieanne Kost who published a book called 'Window Seat". I borrowed the title for this post - check out her book. 

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