Saturday, February 27, 2010

Artist Palette - Death Valley

When first looking at this image on my monitor it did absolutely nothing for me. There was no connection between what I saw and what I was looking at on the screen. After a bit of processing I was able to get this back to the original, or, at least my memory of the original scene when the capture was made. Simply took a bit of energy and time, and of course a few CS4 adjustments.

To say that Death Valley is a cornucopia of of color and image is a complete understatement. This capture was made at Artist Palette as the sun was setting back in November. I just needed to put in the time to bring it back to what my vision was - maybe even a little more color then actually existed but I am very happy with the results.

Looking forward to four more days in Death Valley in March - they say the second time there is a charm. Also. I heard there has been a good deal of rain which always helps.

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