Saturday, February 13, 2010


OK, made it to Yosemite. Got here a bit late as I was stopping at every turn to capture images. It actually rained most of the day with intermittent sunshine -

Image for today is from the iphone - captured on Route 1 at Pescadaro. The waves were incredible today and I shot for around 90 minutes at this one spot - have not had time to process any high resolution images but should do so tomorrow.  Hopefully will have something from this or possibly Yosemite from Saturday.

Going to be a long weekend for posting as there is no cell at all and no internet in the rooms - only the lobby for internet.

 Looking forward to no phone or and only slightly more access to internet.

Hope you all have a fabulous three day weekend...

PS: Decided to throw in an image (also an iphone) captured at a friends' house mid-day Friday....He lives amongst the redwood trees...

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  1. Enjoy the Valley! (I should be there late Saturday or very early Sunday through Monday evening.

    G Dan Mitchell