Friday, February 5, 2010

Fire Island - July 4th

Another image from the 'Childhood and other Neighborhoods' sequence.

Each year on Fire Island there is a parade on July 4th. The children who spend their summers on Fire Island organize costumes and floats to parade around this small island - there are judges who award ribbons for the best float, costume, etc. This parade marks the official start of the Fire Island summer - no child wants to miss this parade.

This capture was made in 1994 on film with a Pentax 6x7 camera. I keep thinking Robert Frank might have loved the Fire Island July 4th parade. 

Website is almost ready - I am thinking it goes live in about two weeks - for me it will be nice to see these images in sequence on the same page.I will provide a link when the site is ready.

All the best - happy weekend

PS: This is my daughter Emilie - 8 years old.

New image at the top of the blog is from last weekend at Radio City Music Hall in NY.

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  1. Love this photo Harry, and very much look forward to seeing your website. Great work!