Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Edinburgh, Scotland

OK, made it to Edinburgh tonight around 730PM. Apparently the worst spell of winter weather in the last 30 years - nice. At any rate we dropped the car in Inverness and took the train to Aberdeen (3.5 hours) and then changed to a train into Edinburgh (2.5 hours). Not much image making today - would have shot out the train window but the white out and ice accumulation on the window prevented that.

We are staying in Edinburgh until the flight  back to New York on Friday - can someone send over a Ray's or Patsy's pizza....We are at the Balmoral in Edinburgh...

I did manage to capture a few images to day and will put up the iphone versions (the expressionist version as some would say) tonight. The top one is the Culloden House hotel in Inverness (it was tough to leave) and the second are some ducks on a small frozen lake near the hotel. The third image was taken out of the train window with a Canon G9.

Tomorrow we walk around Edinburgh - I can see Edinburgh Castle out of my hotel window. Seems like a great city to walk  - looking forward to checking it all out.

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