Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Essex Junction, Vermont

This is the end of the first month of this blog. I still intend to post one image a day for the next 11 months to complete a one year commitment to myself. 

The idea was to push myself to work on an image every day as a way to learn more about the craft of photography - add this to attending workshops in various parts of the world and I am moving closer to getting in my 10,000 hours (thanks Malcolm Gladwell). The blog has proved to be an avenue  into the many images captured over the years, which, without this forum, would still be stored in boxes. And having to write something every day is very rewarding -  a personal journal or journey - never having been able to express myself on the written page. The adjunct gain from this work has been making new friends located in various parts of the world and having the opportunity to talk about and view their work.

I keep asking, 'what took me so long?'

The image today is 'Sunrise,  Essex Junction, Vermont', captured while traveling last summer.

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  1. Well your time is paying off, beautiful work.