Friday, January 1, 2010

Inveraray Scotland - New Years Day

Long drive today - around 190 Miles with Dugie (designated driver) and Tina, friends who live in Glasgow. We drove through the loch's just north of Glasgow - all my interest in this area was sparked after watching 'Braveheart - William Wallace 1274-1305' on New Years Eve with Dugie and Tina at their house in Glasgow. Had never watched the movie all the way from start to finish before - only bits and pieces on a plane.

Inveraray  is on Loch Fyne has been a burgh since 1648 - with modern planning put in around the mid 1800's. The town is built around a church  which dominates the centre - built in the 18th century.

The castle was designed is 1720 and the castle was completed in 1789 for John Campbell, the 5th Duke of Argyll. When the castle was built Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll, had the village demolished and rebuilt about a mile away form the castle as not to impinge on the castle's view.

Two images posted today are The Inveraray Castle and an image shot with the iphone behind Saint Conan's Church, Loch Awe, Argyll, Scotland.

The tombstone is Roline Agnes Campbell, mother of the architect of Inveraray Castle, Walter Douglas Campbell.

Sorry for the history lesson but it is difficult to not have a back story with these images - no where else in Great Britain can match the Scottish Highlands.

Tomorrow we drive to Isle of Skye - stay tuned...

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  1. Enchanting Harry, what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your trip as well as the history lesson, I feel fortunate to be able to see this beautiful area through your artful lens....I will stay looks like right along with about 1200 plus other lucky people---------->

    Thanks so much for taking the time share your fine Art work, along the insightful stories... you are doing a fabulous job with the blog! Cheers!