Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010 - Portree, Isle of Skye

Late start today - to much drama yesterday so slept late and headed out around 10AM. What you have to remember is that sunrise is 8:00AM and the light is gone around 3:15PM - depending on whether the sun is shining. There is that saying about not liking the weather just wait 15 minutes and it will change - well that about describes this time of year on Skye - and most of Scotland based on my recent experience.

We headed up to the most northern part of Skye today - Uig, Quiraing, Kilmuir and Kensaleyre. Lots of closed roads and not good access but we managed to find a few spots to make images. Also, we had an amazing hamburger in Uig - who knew?                                                                                     

A good part of the trip was on single lane (really one lane) with spaces left and right should there be an oncoming car - but I  they handle it all very well - waving if you pull over and let someone pass or blinking their lights if they want you to go first. At times it was not for the faint of heart - 1500 feet up over the water below. Caught a bit of rain and snow at the end of the day but not enough to shut down any roads. 

Went to a neighboring hotel for dinner and the ice was so slippery the car could not get up the final hill to the restaurant - had to leave it and walk home after dinner. The saving grace was they had yet another great chef - Fairly comical events this evening. 

At any rate here are three more iphone images - looks like that will be it for this trip - not enough sleep for my normal workflow so iphone it is. All of these iphone images were also captured high resolution so there will be new images down the road. 

The top image is on the road from Kilmuir to Quiraing and the middle is the Port of Portree juste outside our hotel. And of course the bottom image is a friend we made along the way.

The new photo at the top of the page is in Low, Quebec - their version of the statue of Liberty.

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