Saturday, January 9, 2010

Music Archives

Finally made it back home although not without some fog and flight delays - made it back last night around 9PM...planning another trip to  Scotland again in September - Scotland is an endless visual treat.

So being a little tired today,  I went back into my music archives - Peter Frampton and Harry Chapin. Not sure how these relate but those were the two that jumped off the lightroom screen.

Peter Frampton was done at Nassau Coliseum just before 'Frampton Comes Alive' - I think I actually have some 'Frampton's Camel' at the 'Academy of Music' in the archive - but that's for a later date.There are also a few images around from his visit to my studio and my visit to his house during that same time period.

Harry Chapin was shot at Harry's house for Zoo World magazine in the early 70's - they wanted him at home with his guitar...and that is what they got.

On a separate subject, I became very close with my iphone on the Scotland trip. The ability to make quality images on the fly completely overshadows the cameras lack of resolution. This is a useful tool for any photographer - even if just used as a work image so one can go back to a specific location at a later date. And for those detractors of the iphone, well, you would have been one of those who bitched when Bob Dylan went electric.

This was actually the post for January 8th - need to get one done for today.

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  1. Great images and stories, plus you made me laugh out loud with the last comment, and that is always good...

    Great work!