Thursday, January 7, 2010

Edinburgh Today - Home Tomorrow

Sun rising and Moon setting over Edinburgh 

The Scotland adventure ends today in Edinburgh. It will be nice to get back home and get to working on the images. Flying to Heathrow tomorrow morning - changing planes to get back into New York at 7PM - just in time for the NFL playoffs on Saturday - who planned this trip?

I found out today that traveling  through the highlands of Scotland this time of year is for the brave and foolhardy - personally I enjoyed seeing the changes in weather and working through the many ups and downs for the past two weeks. All in all it made for different challenges every day that led to re-thinking what to capture. I could have done without digging out of snowdrifts, white outs, flat tires, snow removal and driving around at 25 miles per hour. We so take for granted that driving 100 miles will take 90 minutes - but not over here - even in good weather the roads have a way of  slowing you down.
                                                                                       On the good side of the scale the food was fabulous, maybe too fabulous as we ate our way through Scotland. The Indian food in Glasgow has to be the best there is and the smoked salmon is spectacular.
We have to thank Tina Waters and Dougie Souness for their hospitality and bailing us out of some tight spots changing hotels on the fly. Not to mention the drive we took on New Year's Day through the 'lochs' just outside of Glasgow. Once we get back to the USA, Dougie has promised to tell us what 'haggis' really is - we did eat it everyday since arriving in Scotland!

So we say goodbye to the wee lads and lassies - see you on the other side.

That's me with my iphone (not pictured) in what has become affectionately know as the Scottish Alps....

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