Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Groundhog Day

Many times over the past few days it has seemed just like the movie "Groundhog Day" - every day something else went wrong  that might keep us stuck on Skye - the only missing ingredient was Sonny and Cher singing "I got You Babe'. But in the end the weather cleared, we finally got the flat tire fixed (after three attempts - who knew they were all on holiday for that long). They need to learn a few American words up there in Skye; salt and snowblower come to mind right now. But in the end we made it out, albeit late and actually increased our miles per hour today from 20 to  25 - who knew 112 miles could take 4 hours plus.

When we got to Inverness several roads were closed - we got stuck in the driveway at the Culloden House trying to check in. Murray at the reception got his boots on, grabbed a shovel and about 20 minutes later we were out. Did I mention the A9, our road back to Edinburgh, is closed and might not open for a few days. This might be good news as The Culloden House might be one of the best hotels in Scotland - and I might add that they have a fabulous chef.

Add all this to my tripping over a traffic cone in the snow and freezing rain at Urquhart Castle in Loch Ness - left me with big bruise on my bum. Can't wait to see what tomorrow might bring - Murray will let us know in the morning if the passes through the mountains are open for our 157 miles back to Edinburgh - wonder how long that will take.

That being said Scotland is truly an amazing place to visit - the views are breathtaking and you can experience five totally different weather systems over the course of one day. Everything from full on rain to snow to sleet and then back to sunshine in one afternoon.

The top photo was shot from our Portree hotel window early this morning. The middle photo  is Eilean Donan Castle just outside Kyle of Lochalsh as you exit Isle of Skye and the last is from a single lane highway in the Glen Moriston area (highway A887) as we headed toward Loch Ness. Really it is single lane and when oncoming cars approach one has to move into a passing zone - somehow it all gets done.

Tune in tomorrow for the continuation of the groundhog day saga.......maybe we get out and maybe we don't..


  1. These photos are so painterly, so nice.

  2. Yes, nice style to the images. Great stories and well written. Some Scottish words for you Americans "Slow down, accept, relax, drink, giggle" :)