Friday, January 29, 2010


I had planned this post for last night but due to the weather and several business commitments I was unable to get it done. Was also planning on getting out to shoot a bit more but never got the opportunity. Oddly enough the weather/changing weather allowed me to make a few images from my hotel room window, and, I am re-posting the capture made on the ferry from Toronto City Airport.

These are the two favorite images from the trip.

Shooting in New York for the next two days at Radio City - surely some good IPhone opportunities will come from this.

In another week I will be leaving for two days in San Francisco (Atherton, CA) and the three days in Yosemite ending up in Los Angeles on Feb 15th. 

PS: Spending Sunday with Dan Burkholder at his home/studio to learn more about iphone imagery both capture and printing. Check out his website. 

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  1. Great shot Harry! Would you mind if I used your photo as a reference photo to do one of my little city paintings?