Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death Valley

We woke up this morning in Zion to a torrential downpour mixed with snow. We immediately packed and headed south - next stop Death Valley with the occasional stop to capture a snow image (two of which were posted on facebook earlier today).
As we were driving past Las Vegas I received a message from Kevin Raber (Phase One ) that it was rain with a mix of snow in Death Valley - something to look forward to. The plan had been to meet up with Kevin and take the 'Pink Jitney' to Racetrack Playa on Wednesday morning but that was canceled due to several roads closing.

Al and I went out in the late afternoon heading to Artist Palette to catch the light before sunset. On the way  we stopped just south of Golden Canyon and captured a few images (one from my iphone is posted at the top of this blog). And, yes, I do capture high resolution images, but usually wait until I get home before doing any serious processing. I find the IPhone images the perfect illustrations for the blog - they seem to get the point across and there is always something new to learn about a particular application.

Had dinner with Kevin and listened in on his plans for another PODAS event here in Death Valley next year. PODAS,  the Phase One Digital Artist Series, are workshops where participants are exposed to Phase One products like the P65+. These workshops are held in fantastic locations around the world.  Each person gets the use of a P65+ camera plus various lenses while attending the workshop. Additionally, there are several top level instructors present to answer all of your questions - Jeff Schewe, Bill Atkinson, Mark Dubovoy and Michael Reichmann were present at the first one last November. Check out the PODAS blog for more information.

Tomorrow we get u at 4:30AM to catch  Zabriske Point at sunrise then off to a day of shooting. The Death Valley workshop with John Paul Caponigro starts Friday - I am happy to be able to meet some of the alumni for the various workshops given by JP at his home studio in Cushing, Maine. 


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