Monday, March 8, 2010

Zion - Day 2

Woke up to rain and fog for the second day but Al and I decided to make a go of it. We drove through the park at around 630AM and stopped at The Temple of Sinawava. This location is amazing just before dawn, only the rain kept us from shooting anything other then a few failed attempts with the iphone. We decided to try again in tomorrow morning.

From there we drove to The Zion Adventure Company as we had hired a guide to show us around Zion - those places you never find when time is short.
First place was Canyon Overlook, 6000 feet up with a spectacular view of the park - quite wet foggy but the hike up and back was really incredible.I did manage a few images (see above) but will not decide if they are keepers until I get back home.

We stopped for lunch at the Thunderbird (photo above) before the next stop,  Red Canyon, near Kanab, Utah.  Once we left the main road turn-off for the canyon we drove about 3 miles on a red sand road to get close to the canyon and then hiked in the last half-mile through the wet sand and snow. The image below is an iphone capture from this canyon. Probably a locaton to visit when the weather gets a bit warmer.
On the trip back we made several stops along the canyon road - two more iphone images below are from the trip back. One is the Virgin River from the bridge on Route 9 - a place where in the summer you have to basically line up one hour before, to get a spot to shoot the sunset. Of course I added some voodoo to the original capture.
 The other, below, was simply along the side of the road as we descended back in the the Zion Canyon.
Tomorrow we head out for a sunrise shoot in Zion and then the 300 mile drive to Death Valley. The temperature will go from 40'ish to the high 70's - somethign to look forward to...

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