Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sand Dunes - Death Valley

 What I enjoy most about photography is the camera's ability to define in a much different way from the eye - always a mystery and later a surprise. Not any particular object, but the relationships of objects; or the isolation of an object that catches my fancy. We se what we believe is there. I need to relax my eyes and mostly my emotions for each image and make my best effort to record it as I see it. This can become extremely emotional and very very personal - as no one else has my vision and no other image will look like mine.
Sand Dunes are the perfect muse for self expression - they can be sensual, exotic, dark, rhythmical, elegant and melodramatic to name a few. Basically the dunes offer a fabulous background with which to express oneself, but you must take your time and think carefully about what it is you are looking for. Once found it becomes necessary to explore this decision from all sides before moving forward. 

This was my third visit to the Mesquite Dunes near Stovepipe Wells and the first time I walked away with images that felt correct in terms of what I was in my thoughts at the moment of capture.