Monday, March 29, 2010

South Florida

 Finally made it south Florida - Palm Beach Area.

Yesterday, Sunday, Doug and I started out with a sunrise shoot at Jupiter Beach. Found some fabulous rock formations and hung around until the good light disappeared. Ran into a few issues with the light mist of water continually getting on the lens, and, of course sand is always a problem. Stayed around the beach area for almost two hours - it was high tide and I am thinking that it makes sense to go back at low tide before I leave. The first three images are from Jupiter Beach that morning.
The afternoon was totally different from the morning. Drove to Big Cypress National Preserve and paid a visit to Clyde Butcher's gallery. Clyde is the master of shooting the Everglades and has been capturing images here since the mid 80's. He uses large format cameras up to 12X20. There is a shot of him as you enter the gallery standing waist deep in water with one of these cameras...Not sure what he does about Gators and Water Moccasins.

Apparently it was alligator mating season and one could hear strange sounds coming from the swamps...The image above was capturd in the swamp next to the gallery - you can see the top of a gator off to right about mid-image. Hoping to see a few more in a few days when I go out on a boat into the deep everglades - additionally I am spending two days with Clyde as he is giving a workshop - one day in the everglades and the second day working on computer imaging in his studio.

This last image was captured outside a filling station just south of Savanah - "Ain't that America" to quote Mr. Mellencamp......

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  1. Harry, these images are great! You're not shooting all of these with your iphone are you?