Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zion - Day 1

My buddy Al and I made the160 mile drive last night from Las Vegas and arrived into Zion at 3AM. 

We weer up at 630AM and out to catch the sunrise. Overcast today and on and off rain. On a good note was there were not that many tourists at Zion as we are about 3-4 weeks from the summer season which allowed use were to park  anywhere inside the park. 

Zion is just as beautiful in the rain - clouds everywhere and occasionally a bit of sun. Stayed close to the hotel in the morning and in the afternoon made a rather fruitless drive to Kanab, Utah (50 miles). We managed to get back to Zion as the light was just fading so the afternoon was not a total loss. 

The image above is from late afternoon at the park , and, the one below was captured in the valley at the foot of The Great White Throne in the morning. The image below was also posted on facebook today, and, as I really like the image, have put it back up on the blog.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are going to attempt a hike into the slot canyons - might just be too much water to accomplish this. 


  1. Do make it back to Kanab and take the loop around Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for spectacular views. They filmed the Lone Ranger there and also Jose Whales. It's a county road, some of it not paved. Check at the Welcome Center to see how the road is.
    Beautiful photos.
    Jo Anne

  2. Hello Harry,

    Great photos! Thank you for visiting Kane County, UT! I hope you return soon.

    Happy Trails from all of us here at the Kane County Office of Tourism and Film Commission.

  3. Thanks for the commments - we ended up going to Red Canyon on Monday - fabulous place albeit snowy and wet. Great hiking and the color is astounding. I am hoping to be back at least one more time this year when the weather clears.

    I did the loop and was impressed by the Animal Sanctuary - what a gift. The loop was a bit wet and muddy but we managed to get through.

    What a blessing to be able to live in this area - completely energizing - it helps one see the scope of nature and what part we play in it's existence.

    thanks for the notes.