Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drive to Jacksonville

Had a good many miles to cover today but did manage stops at Carolina Beach, Mt. Pleasant (near Charleston) before arriving into Jacksonville at 8:30PM. - 400 plus miles.

So I got lost leaving the hotel today and somehow found my way to Carolina Beach. The shot under the pier (below) was captured there - I was trying to make sunrise but due to being lost arrived about 30 minutes late - as my friend Tom Fielder says, 'you first have to just simply show up' for anything good to happen.

After Carolina Beach, and completely by accident,  I found a ferry which traveled between Carolina Beach and Southport. Southport is just northeast of Charleston by about 80 miles. Must have been meant to be as I found the ferry at 8:40AM and it was due to leave at 9:00AM - sign me up.

After the ferry i made the quick trip to Mt. Pleasant and met up with my buddy Jeff Eglen, who took me over to Boone Plantation. The entry drive at Boone was the opening scene in "Gone with the Wind' where they drive down the long row of Oaks...OF course I did the prerequisite image but only in hig resolution so will have to post at a later date. I did, however, make an iphone capture of the main plantation house which is posted below.
Once finished at Boone it was off to the 240 mile drive to Jacksonville to spend the night at another buddy's house, Doug Eng, a fellow alumni from the John Paul Caponigro Photography Workshops. Tomorrow myself and Doug are going out at sunrise to photograph downtown Jacksonville before heading south on route 1 along the Florida coast.

I had stopped for gas on the way to Jacksonville and noticed the scene below when leaving the petrol station - so I turned around and made a high resolution and IPhone capture. This is the IPhone version.

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