Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water and Sky

Beautiful day here in southern Florida - 74 degrees and sunny - I, personally, would not mind a few clouds at sunset. I figured out how to connect my ipod to the car stereo (5.1 system) so Jackson Browne, Leonard Cohen and David Darling are dancing around in my head. 

Took my car in for service this morning and my daughter picked me up to go back to the Jupiter Beach I have been shooting on. Will probably go back again as sunset tonight and once again tomorrow morning before I leave for Everglades.After the beach we went to brunch and then she dropped my back at my car. I have not been on the beach with her for such a long time - she slept while I captured images - well she did take a few photos also.....a good time was had by all. 
The images of the past week, and mostly the image posted in the header above seem to indicate my commitment to a different direction in terms of my vision. I have always been attracted to water and some of my favorite images would indicate this, but lately the attraction has become much stronger .Personally, I look forward to seeing what surfaces next....

"Art is a lie that leads to the truth"...Pablo Picasso

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