Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Dunes

I think I forgot to mention that I damaged my back last week at Death Valley - we had a dinner the final night and when I went to get up from my chair, well, it took me 60 minutes and then only with the aid of a wheelchair did I make it back to my room.....All I can say is thanks to the medical community for Aleve - a most powerful pain reliever - without Aleve I could still be in the chair. At any rate the next morning I was able to move a bit better so I made the drive back to the Vegas Airport for my flight home. Took me about two days of stretching at home (with heat and ice) to finally get to the point where I could move around without sharp pain without Aleve.

The last day was quite windy when we went back to the Mesquite Dunes...The image above was my attempt to show the movement of the sand during the high winds in the desert.

I was originally planing to drive to Florida last Wednesday for Photoshop World but those plans were canceled. New plan is to leave for Florida either Wednesday or Thursday early. I plan to take route 17 (coastal road) down as far as it takes me before ending up in West Palm Beach. After West Palm it is off to the Everglades for a few days shooting, the first couple with Clyde Butcherery.cfm.

After Clyde a few John Paul Capinigro Alumni will be getting together to explore the Everglades for a few more days.

PS: Thanks also go out to the individuals at the workshop in Death Valley for their help in getting me around that last night - could not have made it without their help...

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  1. Harry, that's a keeper for sure!!! What would it look like in b/w?